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Employee Benefits & Group Health Insurances

At Norman Sheehan Insurance Agency we are committed to proving our clients with a sound benefit program.  We work in partnership with our clients to meet their objectives and budget.  A strong employee benefits program also helps in the recruiting and retaining of quality employees.  With the implementation of Covered California’s SHOP (small group health insurance), the employer has more flexibility in the design of a benefit program.  Norman Sheehan Insurance Agency can guide you through the changing healthcare landscape and help you choose the right health insurance plan(s) from the many high quality insurance companies both inside and outside of Covered California’s SHOP.

At Norman Sheehan Insurance Agency we are committed to providing our clients with affordable Employee Benefits in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and beyond.


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Strategies that Help Your Benefit Dollars Go Further

A small company can promote loyalty and improve morale by providing employer-sponsored health insurance. When the favorable tax treatment is taken into consideration, the dollars that you invest to care for your employees can work a lot harder for you. There are many turnkey programs that make it affordable for the small employer to provide benefits that at one time only the larger employers could. The Strategies page goes into more detail about the different programs available to you.

Ancillary Benefits to Defray Your Expenses

Ancillary benefits traditionally include dental insurance, vision, and group life. These benefits are well liked by both the employers and employees. Recently other types of insurance products, such as critical illness, disability, and voluntary benefits, have become increasingly popular. When the favorable tax treatment is taken into consideration, many employers have found these products useful in defraying the ever increasing out-of-pocket expenses that their employees are burdened with.

Covered California’s Shop

With the help of a licensed insurance agent, small business owners may enroll in the Covered California SHOP plans. Covered California’s Shop has many unique features that many small companies will find very beneficial. At Norman Sheehan Insurance Agency we are committed to helping our clients make every dollar they invest in employee benefits work harder for them. We will help guide you through these changes so that you can make informed decisions.

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